Saturday, June 4, 2016

Alopecia- Hair Loss

Hair loss: Alopecia

Healthy hair grows from hair follicles in the
scalp during a 2 to 6 year growth cycle after
which the hair shafts become loose and fall
out followed by a cycle during which the
follicles prepare to produce new hair.

Stress (factors that have a negative impact on
the body), genes, age and hormonal changes
associated with impaired biological processes
are considered the primary causes of hair loss.

Shortages of nutrients, essential minerals such
as zinc and selenium and especially vitamin A
can cause hair to become brittle and fall out.

An excess of vitamin A can also be harmful.

1. Alopecia areata is an autoimmune disorder
that can effect anybody, however,
genes and severe emotional stress seems
to be the main stressors. Visible bald spots
or even total hair loss can occur. The
condition is usually temporary but can
become permanent.

2. Androgenic alopecia
Active growth of primary hair (especially in
men but not limited to men) becomes constrained
when testosterone is converted
to DHT as it causes the preparation cycle
of the hair follicles to become longer and
the growth cycle to become shorter.
Secondary hair growth is then stimulated,
beards become harder and ear/nose hair
and eyebrows grows faster.

The condition is more noticeable under men.
Additional info on Alopecia can be viewed on
Wikipedia where indicated.

Nutri Hair capsules is a nutritional and herbal
supplement containing Saw Palmetto, Biotin,
Kelp and a combination of vitamins, folic acid,
minerals and other essential nutritional substances
that promote hair growth.

We have received so many awesome reviews
from clients over the years who used Nutri
Hair capsules diligently for extended periods.
These include hair growing back on bald spots
and reduced hair loss.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Val-U-Life, what it is and how it can help.


The composition of Val-u-Life is 61% Sutherlandia frutescens, 31% Aloe
ferox leaf (no bitters!), 5% Olive Leaf extract and a small amount of Selenium.
Sutherlandia frutescens is also known as the cancer bush, a tonic that helps
to stabilize the natural bodily processes. Rich in anti-oxidants, and known for
its soothing and healing properties, Aloe ferox leaf has a long history of being
taken to assist the body to restore and maintain healthy functioning. Olive
Leaf has gain esteem as health supplement due to various positive reports of
helping the body recovering from viral infections and other digestive and
health problems. Selenium is high in anti-oxidants, protecting cells from

Val-u-Life is therefore an exquisite blend of fine ingredients to help your
body activating its own resources in order to cope with many of the
biochemical stresses attacking our health. All these herbs and ingredients are
known for their positive effect on the body’s immune system.

Q: How safe is Val-u-Life?
A: Know your body. Anything humans consume – even in small doses – can
cause side effects. Always start with a very small dose when you take any herb
for the first time. Watch out for any signs of discomfort or side effects for a
couple of days before you take the fully recommended dose. Avoid taking
herbs on an empty stomach as this may enhance side effects. Always take after
a meal.
Q: What side effects does Val-u-Life have?

A: Occasional side effects have been reported, including dry mouth, a mild
diuretic effect, loose stool or constipation – slight dizziness has been reported
by elderly or weak patients. Diabetes: Carefully monitor blood sugar when
taking herbs. Pregnancy & lactation: There are no known risks in taking any
of the above herbs during pregnancy or lactation. Always discuss the
suitability of herb supplements with your physician first. Auto-immune
diseases: Consult your physician before taking herbs that may stimulate the
immune system. Cancer & HIV: Compositional herbs may interfere with
chemotherapy and anti-retroviral drugs and should be discussed with your
physician first.
Q: Can I exceed the recommended dosage?

A: No, the recommended dosage of 2 capsules per day should not be

Q: For what period can I take Val-u-Life?
A: Val-u-Life can be used daily as supplement for the rest of your life to help
you maintain good health.

 Information from the May 2016 Aloe Ferox Newsletter


Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Your Immune System and Colds

The Flu Season is upon us and its time to strengthen your immune system. Elude the grip of colds and the flue with Winter Fighter Capsules at the first signs of a blocked nose, post nasal drip or irritated throat.  Exposure to the flu virus is unavoidable and since thre is no antidote, you have to strengthen your immune system ro successfully fend off the attacks.  Symptoms willpractically start to disappear from the moment you start taking Winter Fighter capsules.

Winter Fighter improves the efficacy of the immune system by multiplying the white blood cells and improving the ability of the white blood cells to overcome foreign organisms.

One of the key ingredients of Winter Fighter is Echinacea, which has been proven to effectively combat the symptoms of colds and the flu.  Your best defense is to actively fight the symptoms.  Don't be caught off guard.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Are you in the Holiday Eating Mode?



Shaking myself out of the holiday eating mode!

It’s such struggle to get out of the holiday mode. This mode has a persistent voice telling me I’m hungry, even if I had just eaten a meal that could sustain a few fugitives for a week. 

And if I’m not hungry, it tells me that I’m at least feeling peckish. It’s just a transitional phase, I try to convince myself while reaching for the next snack, which is making me feel even more miserable because … I cannot stop snacking. Of course it will disappear like the last few coins in my purse once I’m back to my daily routine. Besides, snacking does help to provide the energy for maximal performance, doesn’t it?

Feeling “untogether” and bloated most of the time, I seek the advice of friends, I read numerous articles in magazines, do “research” on the internet, and even consult my dated Psychology textbooks to refresh my knowledge on “eating disorders ()”, but the solution eludes me. Successfully, I might add.

At last I venture on to the scale, and the reading shocks me right out of eating mode into FIGHTING mode. Suddenly I know what to do about this horrible syndrome. I grab the latest Aloe Ferox information sheet and decide on a plan of action, a “mixed grill” of products that will restore my holiday-abused body to its former glory. I know I need something to
  supplement the deficiencies in my body,
  detox me, and
  make me feel energetic.
This is my apparent choice of products:

Fabulous Fibre Bitter (tablets or capsules) is my first line of defence. It is made of dried Aloe ferox bitter sap and powdered whole-leaf aloe which contains a vast amount of nutrients and medicinal properties that support the general well being of the body. It also eliminates toxins in the body, keeps your tummy regular and has a beneficial effect on arthritis and high blood pressure.

Slim & Trim capsules contain 3 special herbs that complement each other to help with weight control and weight-loss. These herb extracts are scientifically proven to promote weight-loss (high-five, sister!), suppress appetite, balance blood sugar levels, enhance fat burning and improve energy levels. Clinical tests have proven that when these capsules are used in conjunction with 10 minutes’ light to medium exercise (such as vigorous walking) per day, it may lead to a weight loss of 500 g per week.

Body Basics contains a number of ingredients that are vital for our wellbeing. Choline acts as a fat solvent (now you have my attention!) and is vital for the manufacturing of brain hormones and cell membranes. Vitamin B2 & B12 help convert sugar into energy, and magnesium & vitamin B6 work in combination to act as a spark plug to convert sugar into energy.

Catcher is the one I carry permanently in my handbag alongside my lipstick, because I use it ONLY (with a large glass of water) when I indulge in unhealthy trans fats. (In other words, I swallow it about half an hour before eating chips fried in oil) Trans fat is formed when polyunsaturated vegetable oils such as sunflower, canola and peanuts are chemically treated (hydrogenated) to solidify or to increase shelf life. Food prepared in these fats is more fattening and unhealthy than food prepared in saturated fat such as butter and olive oil. Do remember, however, that Catcher absorbs not only the “bad” dietary fat in the body, but ALL fat and oil (yes, the omega oils, too).

If the Whole-leaf Aloe Juice bottle was a little less bulky I would have carried it in the front pocket of my handbag, because this is the product that invigorates me like nothing else. When life deals me a lemon, or when I feel the day might as well end before it has begun (or even when I feel under the weather) I drink large sips right out of the bottle. Fortunately one cannot OD on the combined action of the more than 130 medicinal agents in this miracle juice, for the body takes out of it only what it needs. Who said you cannot drink your aloe juice AND drive?
And now I am one informed person and ready for action! I choose to be teachable and to take the old Spanish adage seriously: Habits (especially eating habits) start out as cobwebs and end up as shackles. I also choose not to shove food into my mouth like a baby does. And food shall not comfort or console me. Otherwise I might as well look at myself in one of those funny mirrors that distort your body and face to look fat and even deformed.

 No, I’d rather dine at a nicely-set table (even if I’m eating alone), chew my food slowly, ponder on what I’m eating … and keep my eyes fixed on the row of Aloe Ferox containers in front of me!!

Do you have Restless Legs

Restless legs are not associated with pain. People with this syndrome experience a
strong urge to move their legs as though the current position in which they are sitting
or lying is very uncomfortable.

The causes of tired legs are strongly linked to poor blood circulation. In some studies,
many patients experienced great relief after they were treated with medicines or herbs
which improve blood circulation.

For example, Ginkgo Biloba (the main herb active in our Circulate-it supplement) has shown excellent health results in patients with Heavy or Restless leg syndrome.

The causes of restless legs are strongly tied to mineral deficiencies.

An ordinary solution is to take more magnesium to alleviate restless legs. However,
research has shown that the commonality among a large group of patients with
restless leg syndrome was that not all suffered from low magnesium levels, but all
suffered from low iron levels.

We have also testimony of an individual who found that her restless leg problem
disappeared 2 months after she started using Circulate-it.


Restless leg syndrome is a medical “problem” which seems to have no one-size-fits all
I therefore suggest that you experiment to see what works best for your body.
For 6 weeks: use an iron supplement and carefully monitor your problem.

If the problem persists, stop the iron supplement, and after 2 weeks repeat the experiment,
but this time with a magnesium supplement.

If the problem persists, stop the magnesium, and after 2 weeks repeat the experiment with Circulate-it.

You may have to experiment with single supplements or a combination for a while before finding the
best solution for your body. But always remember: keep the process simple and

Do not mix and pile up on supplements. Introduce ONE new supplement
at a time and stick to it for at least 1-2 months before trying another. If adverse effects
develop, stop immediately.

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Monday, October 27, 2014

Summer is Gone and Fall is here, its time to take care of your skin!


Summer is gone and Fall is here, its time to take care of your skin!

The luxury of warm sun rays on your bare shoulders, a light summer breeze through your hair and splashing around in cool waters are officially over for the last part of 2014. Summer left a trail of good memories, empty purses, dehydrated skins and less-than-perfect hair conditions behind. 

Memories can be captured in photo albums, but dehydration needs a bit more work! In this newsletter, we focus on re-hydrating our bodies and skin before the full onslaught of winter disorders.

Winter has its own charm … those cozy nights at the fireplace, chilly mornings when exhaling small, white clouds instead of carbon dioxide, the warmth of snuggling up in bed with hot chocolate, the smell of soup when entering the house, beef stew, rice and potatoes, baked pudding…

Winter does seem to generate a non-stop hunger in many of us. Irrespective of good intentions to stay slim, few of us manage to say NO to the seductions of winter!

We are much more vulnerable to cravings for and the seductions of food if our nutritional state is not balanced. This year, try something better than good motives: invest in your summer body by taking the necessary supplements and drinking sufficient amounts of water throughout winter.

“Spice up” a glass of water by adding a teaspoon of orange juice to a cup of hot (boiling) water and rather enjoy it as a hot drink. Aloe Tea, mixed with a morsel of grated ginger and a drop of honey, is another way of getting your body hydrated with a refreshing hot drink.

Stock up on

Body Basics to prevent the winter from seducing you into eating much more than you require for healthy living and a lean body.

Body Basics comprises a combination of Aloe ferox plant extract, magnesium, zinc, folic acid and vitamins B2, B6 and B12. These are the known “bouncers” of disease since they strengthen the body’s nerve system.

Body Basics is a mineral and vitamin B complex, suitable as supplement where stress is responsible for depletion of valuable nutrients.

Individuals leading a busy life combined with a non-optimal diet are advised to use both these products.

A dehydrated or a dry skin?
The structure of the skin is comparable to that of a mattress. The top layers (epidermis) form a protective barrier against the outside world while the mid and inner layers contain structures which impart that radiant look to a beautiful skin. Oil, keeping the skin supple, is secreted from tiny oil glands in the pores of the skin.

If too much oil is secreted, the skin appears greasy, but when insufficient oil is secreted, the skin surface is dry and may appear parched.

In a healthy skin, moisture is captured in-between the internal structures of the dermis, but when these structures are eroded, moisture leaks out and the skin becomes dehydrated. This skin may not necessarily look parched, but it usually appears dull.

Oil glands are regulated by hormones and not by the state of the skin’s internal structures. It is therefore possible to have an oily, but dehydrated skin! However, when the skin is both dry and dehydrated, it commonly appears transparent with a very fine texture.
A dehydrated skin is usually the first sign that the internal skin structures are not in a good condition and this will lead to early wrinkling and sagging.

Dry skin may be treated by application of a cream or oil that lubricates the skin surface.

Such an application will immediately remove the parched appearance. However, since the skin’s natural oil originates from the oil glands, “permanent” treatment of dry skin can only be accomplished if the oil glands are stimulated to improve oil production. This usually happens automatically during teen years! Individuals who suffer from too little (or too much) oil production may find it valuable to use Radical Image capsules as a skin supplement. These capsules contain a blend of herbs that stimulate biological processes towards hormonal balance.

Use Hand Cream or Heel Balm to improve the appearance of dry and parched skin.

Treating a dehydrated skin
An intensive moisturizer (like Mature or Ultra Rich Night Cream) returns
moisture to the deeper skin layers. However, if the skin’s absorption ability
is poor, most of the cream stays on the surface while the deeper layers remain thirsty. Therefore it is of the utmost importance to repair the internal structures.

Appropriate treatment to fortify skin structures in order to retain the moisture applied to the skin, takes time. It is also essential to encourage the skin to absorb the moisture and active ingredients that are applied to it.

Aloe ferox plant extract facilitates repair of damaged cells and improves skin absorption. Therefore, all products that contain Aloe ferox extract offers improved absorption and skin repair. However, as aging or neglect progresses, additional encouragement may be necessary. Super Aloe Gel is a superb product to apply just before (or simultaneously with) your moisturizer. The Timeless Skin range has been designed on the premise of stimulating natural rebuilding of skin structures and providing additional moisture that is captured for a prolonged period. Over time, the use of this product range results in a radiant and plump complex with noticeably reduced sagging.

Sources : Aloe Ferox Newsletter/Nuusbrief 3/2013