Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Are you in the Holiday Eating Mode?



Shaking myself out of the holiday eating mode!

It’s such struggle to get out of the holiday mode. This mode has a persistent voice telling me I’m hungry, even if I had just eaten a meal that could sustain a few fugitives for a week. 

And if I’m not hungry, it tells me that I’m at least feeling peckish. It’s just a transitional phase, I try to convince myself while reaching for the next snack, which is making me feel even more miserable because … I cannot stop snacking. Of course it will disappear like the last few coins in my purse once I’m back to my daily routine. Besides, snacking does help to provide the energy for maximal performance, doesn’t it?

Feeling “untogether” and bloated most of the time, I seek the advice of friends, I read numerous articles in magazines, do “research” on the internet, and even consult my dated Psychology textbooks to refresh my knowledge on “eating disorders ()”, but the solution eludes me. Successfully, I might add.

At last I venture on to the scale, and the reading shocks me right out of eating mode into FIGHTING mode. Suddenly I know what to do about this horrible syndrome. I grab the latest Aloe Ferox information sheet and decide on a plan of action, a “mixed grill” of products that will restore my holiday-abused body to its former glory. I know I need something to
  supplement the deficiencies in my body,
  detox me, and
  make me feel energetic.
This is my apparent choice of products:

Fabulous Fibre Bitter (tablets or capsules) is my first line of defence. It is made of dried Aloe ferox bitter sap and powdered whole-leaf aloe which contains a vast amount of nutrients and medicinal properties that support the general well being of the body. It also eliminates toxins in the body, keeps your tummy regular and has a beneficial effect on arthritis and high blood pressure.

Slim & Trim capsules contain 3 special herbs that complement each other to help with weight control and weight-loss. These herb extracts are scientifically proven to promote weight-loss (high-five, sister!), suppress appetite, balance blood sugar levels, enhance fat burning and improve energy levels. Clinical tests have proven that when these capsules are used in conjunction with 10 minutes’ light to medium exercise (such as vigorous walking) per day, it may lead to a weight loss of 500 g per week.

Body Basics contains a number of ingredients that are vital for our wellbeing. Choline acts as a fat solvent (now you have my attention!) and is vital for the manufacturing of brain hormones and cell membranes. Vitamin B2 & B12 help convert sugar into energy, and magnesium & vitamin B6 work in combination to act as a spark plug to convert sugar into energy.

Catcher is the one I carry permanently in my handbag alongside my lipstick, because I use it ONLY (with a large glass of water) when I indulge in unhealthy trans fats. (In other words, I swallow it about half an hour before eating chips fried in oil) Trans fat is formed when polyunsaturated vegetable oils such as sunflower, canola and peanuts are chemically treated (hydrogenated) to solidify or to increase shelf life. Food prepared in these fats is more fattening and unhealthy than food prepared in saturated fat such as butter and olive oil. Do remember, however, that Catcher absorbs not only the “bad” dietary fat in the body, but ALL fat and oil (yes, the omega oils, too).

If the Whole-leaf Aloe Juice bottle was a little less bulky I would have carried it in the front pocket of my handbag, because this is the product that invigorates me like nothing else. When life deals me a lemon, or when I feel the day might as well end before it has begun (or even when I feel under the weather) I drink large sips right out of the bottle. Fortunately one cannot OD on the combined action of the more than 130 medicinal agents in this miracle juice, for the body takes out of it only what it needs. Who said you cannot drink your aloe juice AND drive?
And now I am one informed person and ready for action! I choose to be teachable and to take the old Spanish adage seriously: Habits (especially eating habits) start out as cobwebs and end up as shackles. I also choose not to shove food into my mouth like a baby does. And food shall not comfort or console me. Otherwise I might as well look at myself in one of those funny mirrors that distort your body and face to look fat and even deformed.

 No, I’d rather dine at a nicely-set table (even if I’m eating alone), chew my food slowly, ponder on what I’m eating … and keep my eyes fixed on the row of Aloe Ferox containers in front of me!!

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