Friday, January 16, 2009

A Year of Change

Welcome to the New Year, A time for change in our country, we have a new president Mr. Barack Obama and we have new opportunity to pick our country up and move forward. So how about you? What are you going to do this year to change? I would assume since you are reading this you are moving forward in your goals. Our goals at Aloe Ferox US are to promote a healthy lifestyle for you and your family and friends. To this goal we are going to feature many new ideas this year. We are also going to feature a few of our retailers each month so you can get acquainted with them.

So lets get started, our first retailer to be featured is The Whole Wheatery they are one of our Newest Retailers of Aloe Ferox Products. Located in Lancaster, California they have been serving the community since 1983! They have an excellent staff of caring individuals. They are a member of the Natural Products Association. If you are in the Lancaster area stop by and say hello and browse through their fantastic selection of healthy foods and supplements

Meet Our Staff
Supplement Manager
Sherri Walker, CN -- Sherri manages the Supplement department of The Whole Wheatery. She has over 20 years experience in the Natural Foods Industry. She is a Certified Nutritionist and is currently working on her degree in Herbal Medicine. She is here to answer your questions and assist you with your needs. Stop in and say hello to her and her very knowledgeable staff.
Doctor of Homeopathic Medicine
Wallace Sconiers, CN -- Wallace is a Nutritional Counselor and a Doctor of Homeopathic Medicine. He works Sundays at the Whole Wheatery. He has a private practice out of his home and is available for individual consultations there. Come in and meet Wallace. He has been in the industry for over 20 years and will help you develop a program to fit your needs.
Grocery Manager
Liane Abad -- Liane can always be found assisting customers with their food needs. She is here to help you find those hard to find "special diet" foods. She is friendly and knowledgeable. She is here to serve you. If you are on a Low Carb diet, need Gluten Free foods, or just have a food question, ask Liane.
Produce Manager
Wade Esh -- Looking for Organic Produce? Come meet Wade. He is very friendly and helpful. He is the person behind the lush, organic produce stocked at the Whole Wheatery. Got questions ask Wade. Come see the difference and learn why Organic is better!!
Baker Excelente!
Deanna Lloyd -- If you are a baker you will love the work this lady produces. Deanna has been at The Whole Wheatery since it opened 25 years ago. She is responsible for mentoring all the bakers we have and many of the cooks in our Kitchen. Her talents run deep (you should see her custom wedding cakes). She can make it all. So stop in and enjoy a piece of her famous cake (all in our cookbook), a loaf of her Cinnamon Raisin bread or special order an item just for yourself.
Cosmetic Buyer
K C Hoyle -- K C has been with The Whole Wheatery for over 12 years. She is here to take care of you. Her expertise is in the area of supplements and cosmetics. She is trained to use Bach Flower remedies. She has a great deal of experience in body and skin care and can assist you in making the correct selection. She is a true care giver with a great deal of knowledge.
Cheryl Hughes,CN -- Cheryl has owned her own store since 1983. She has served on the original board for Citizens for Health and worked in developing the retail standards for the Organic Federal Legislation. She was also instrumental in creating and implementing the retail blackout that led to the passage of the DSHEA (Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act) that protected consumer access to dietary supplements. She serves on the National Board of the Industry Trade Association.

The Whole Wheatery is a Natural Foods Store with a Restaurant inside celebrating 25 years in business. We offer groceries, including organic beer and wine, organic produce, herbs, supplements, bulk foods, aromatherapy, homeopathic remedies, books, and unique giftware. We have a friendly, trained staff to assist you with all your needs. We can order many items not already found in our very large selection and will ship to you. We also offer free in store lectures. We encourage you to drop in and see for yourself.

I also wanted to tell you about one of our agents in Virginia, John is a great guy and he and his wife are an awesome team, they are really caring couple. I asked John and Mo to tell you a bit about themselves:

We are John and Mo Sykes, Aloe Ferox agents. At the suggestion of a South African friend of his, John visited the Aloe Ferox factory and showroom in Albertinia. He couldn’t wait to tell me about the products when I joined him in South Africa a little later.

John is retired and finds that selling Aloe Ferox products can add to his income while Mo is still working. When Mo retires, we will do it together.

We live in Buckingham, Virginia, work out of our house, and keep several of the more popular products on hand:

Our address is 1182 Howardsville Road, Buckingham, VA 23921.
Our email address is

We make sales to individuals and to “Natures Bridge” in Scottsville, Virginia, who carries many of our Aloe Ferox products. We are also working with stores in other towns and cities, particularly Charlottesville, VA, and believe many will soon carry our Aloe Ferox products.

The skin creams are the best that Mo has ever used. The “Wrinkle-less Cream” lives up to its name, the “Super Aloe Gel” soothes skin that’s rough from gardening or other chores or the burns that one can get around a stove.

John has arthritic knees and has found by trial and error that “Joint Support” is the only product that eases the pain. He followed the three month program and his knees stopped hurting. Whenever there is a flareup he takes the capsules for two or three days and the pain magically disappears.

We believe that Aloe Ferox products are superior to other cosmetics and creams, and jumped at the opportunity to sell them in the United States.

In working with Gene, we experience the utmost cooperation, quick delivery of materials, and sales help whenever needed.

Our mission statement is simple. To introduce other people to Aloe Ferox products, that they may see the advantages of Aloe Ferox for themselves.

Aloe Ferox USA,LLC is a member of the Natural Products Association. And we support the Health Freedom cause

Have a Healthy Day,


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