Saturday, May 31, 2014

About that dry skin…Aloe Ferox has a few suggestions

About that dry skin…

Dry skin appears in many forms. Not everyone knows all the signs of a dry skin. Most of
us associate dry skin with the roughness of chicken skin or with peeling.
Did you know that dry skin symptoms often also include the following: extremely fine
texture, itching, dullness, redness, sensitivity and tightness?

Dry skin that is left untreated affects people in different ways. In some, the dryness
causes contact allergy, which in turn may cause the individual to become very
sensitive of chemicals. In others, the dryness causes dehydration of the subcutaneous
skin as moisture (which assists in keeping the elastin and collagen network plump)
leaks out. The effect is small non-stop crinkles like fine contour lines on a geography
map. Another possible effect of an untreated dry skin is the discomfort and irritation of
a sensitive and itching skin.

Be observant: a radiant complexion always gives an attractive look – even though that
person may have a crooked nose or enormous teeth! A dull skin rarely appears radiant.
This winter, be good for your skin – it still has to travel with you until the end! The cold
and the dryness in the air take big bites out of our skin's moisture content.

Put it back.

Get a slightly heavier moisturizer for this winter and be good to yourself!

If you do not use a moisturizer, consider one of our light moisturizers for this
winter: Vanishing Cream (for oily skin) or Moisturizer (for normal skin).

If you use a light moisturizer, consider Moisturizing Day Cream and Night
Cream as your weapons of choice against the skin dryness.

If your skin is always a bit dry, try Mature and Enriched Night Cream or
Timeless Skin Day Cream and Timeless Skin Night Cream.

And do not forget about Neck Cream. The human neck has the tendency to
reveal its “desert dry period” only years later…

All the Aloe Ferox products are available from your Aloe Ferox agent or distibutor

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