Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Do you have Restless Legs

Restless legs are not associated with pain. People with this syndrome experience a
strong urge to move their legs as though the current position in which they are sitting
or lying is very uncomfortable.

The causes of tired legs are strongly linked to poor blood circulation. In some studies,
many patients experienced great relief after they were treated with medicines or herbs
which improve blood circulation.

For example, Ginkgo Biloba (the main herb active in our Circulate-it supplement) has shown excellent health results in patients with Heavy or Restless leg syndrome.

The causes of restless legs are strongly tied to mineral deficiencies.

An ordinary solution is to take more magnesium to alleviate restless legs. However,
research has shown that the commonality among a large group of patients with
restless leg syndrome was that not all suffered from low magnesium levels, but all
suffered from low iron levels.

We have also testimony of an individual who found that her restless leg problem
disappeared 2 months after she started using Circulate-it.


Restless leg syndrome is a medical “problem” which seems to have no one-size-fits all
I therefore suggest that you experiment to see what works best for your body.
For 6 weeks: use an iron supplement and carefully monitor your problem.

If the problem persists, stop the iron supplement, and after 2 weeks repeat the experiment,
but this time with a magnesium supplement.

If the problem persists, stop the magnesium, and after 2 weeks repeat the experiment with Circulate-it.

You may have to experiment with single supplements or a combination for a while before finding the
best solution for your body. But always remember: keep the process simple and

Do not mix and pile up on supplements. Introduce ONE new supplement
at a time and stick to it for at least 1-2 months before trying another. If adverse effects
develop, stop immediately.

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